How to deal with stress induced weight?

Entrepreneurs typically don’t lay much emphasis on diet trends, but there are some fads worth following. The following are the best crash diets recommended for busy entrepreneurs hit by stress induced weight.


gluten freeKnown for helping with digestion, weight loss and disease prevention, the gluten-free diet was – sometime ago – only meant for people with gluten sensitivity. Eating gluten-free has today become much more widespread, for the right reasons. There are many gluten-free food alternatives available in supermarkets. Since the majority of processed foods comprise excessive gluten, eliminating them from your meals and resorting to vegetables and fruits help increase your nutrient consumption and enhance better digestion, improving your energy levels. Such nutrient-rich diets also negate carbohydrates and unhealthy oils typically seen in bread items like pastries and donuts, leading to lower levels of cholesterol. Substituting crackers with a lettuce bed or cucumbers to swap the bun could be done by anyone, even people who aren’t medically inclined to consume less gluten.

Paleo Diet

Also known as the “caveman diet,” the Paleo diet replicates diet patterns of our forefathers from our pre-processed and pre-agricultural eras. Introduced by Loren Cordain, a nutrition science specialist, the diet claims that the existence of type II diabetes and obesity is due to the body not being able to handle sophisticated diets generally replete with processed food and sugars. The diet emphasizes on consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds and nuts, fish, eggs and grass-created meats.

A major benefit of the diet is that it reduces refined carbohydrates and added sugars, so that the internal system isn’t burdened. This is wonderful for the immune system. And this results in good digestion, which further translates to better health. If you are keen on this diet, learn more about the nutrients not part of the diet, so that you resort to alternative food sources and make up for the lost nutrients.

Juice Diet

juice dietThe juicing culture has been around for several thousand years, but it has only recently become popular in the West, for it being an easy way to consume vegetables and fruits. Nutrient consumption in the liquid form could be ideal when there isn’t adequate time to enjoy and relish a complete meal. The body processes liquids quickly. Drinking juices over an elongated period instead of a five-minute meal also helps with blood sugar stabilization, keeping you from energy crashes and spikes. Though juice diets are popular, these should always be supplemented with some healthy solid food items. After all, smoothies aren’t packed with sufficient amount of calories and, therefore, cannot be considered meal replacements.

Mediterranean Diet

This diet is perhaps the most suitable for entrepreneurs. It’s rich with nutrients that bring down inflammation and enhances brain focus and health. The diet lays emphasis on vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, flavorful herbs, olive oil, spices and healthy fats like fish- and nut-based omega 3 acids. Finish off the diet with some wine. This diet also lays emphasis on food texture, flavor, and taste.

Entrepreneurship and Diets – Benefits and Importance

Focusing on eating the right food helps build businesses. Good food offers improved fuel, which increases concentration and productivity. Energy, attitude and concentration courtesy healthy food are just a few examples. Every entrepreneur must acknowledge the need to eat right.

According to experts, close to 75 percent weight loss results hinge on food and not exercise. It’s all about being in the balance.

Being aware of the importance of entrepreneurship and diets is only a starting point. It means nothing if there are no active changes implemented. In fact, people falter here, in the execution part. They know how and what to do, but bringing about the change becomes difficult. This is understandable as altering habits is not easy.

For efficacy with entrepreneurship and diets, it’s better to implement changes in installments. For instance, if one wakes up late and invariably skips his breakfast, changing that routine would be a good start. Even minor things such as substituting the elevator with stairs add up. The major reason why most people give up on a healthy lifestyle is because they take a huge jump while transitioning from a sedentary to healthy lifestyle. Such overloading results in burn-outs.

People typically complain the rising prices of organic or unprocessed foods, but ironically opt for the more expensive alternatives, such as restaurant food. Generally, people do not know what goes into the food they eat outside. Most places cut expenses using cheap, unknown ingredients. Therefore, even a healthy dish may be enriched with toxins.

To address this issue, self-cooking is the only resort. Go through the grocery store labels and purchase local, whenever you can. As aforementioned, go gluten-free whenever possible. Use every knowledge you amass relating to simple and natural foods, which should help you feel better about yourself in both your professional and personal life. Besides the above mentioned diet plans, also check out a few other tested and working diet options such as the sacred heart diet plan and lemon and cayenne pepper diet.

Honorable mention will have 3 Week Diet Program and many who have gone through the program were happy that this program is a lot shorter than other diet programs. Some programs are 3 months long, so results are not seen for months. 3 Week Diet Program results only take three weeks. Many people have been astonished by the results. They have lost twelve to twenty-three pounds in a short amount of time.

Others have said they saw a two to four inches reduction from their waistline. Women who have gone through the program said they dropped an average of two to three dress sizes, and many are proud that they can finally wear a two-piece bikini and not feel self-conscious about their bodies.

Entrepreneurs and risk involved

entrepreneurs and stressThe main risk that an entrepreneur faces is not financial nature as at first you might think, but it is a health issue. Stress. This mental condition usually leads to stress inducted weight gain. The lifestyle of an entrepreneur is setup for mental health issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety. People affected by these conditions are likely to engage in activities that will make them to gain weight. A huge amount of research over the last decades has indicated that stress causes both diabetes and weight gain.

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship
Many successful people pay a huge price. The glamorized “Time is Money” mentality normally drives people to work long hours and have less time for leisure, friends, family, sleep, exercise and other important life sustaining activities. The demands of entrepreneurship strain social relations and this leads to stress. Loneliness and spending too much time away from close acquaintances can easily drive even the most mentally resilient people, to stress. Stress is not only manifested in irritability, sleep difficulties, and sadness. Change in body weight is also a sign that a person is stressed.

fatty and sugary foods1. Stress Affects Food Preferences
Stress caused by the hassles related to entrepreneurship will affect a person’s food preferences. When an individual is stressed, one begins to crave comfort foods. These unhealthy foods seem to counteract stress. A person in emotional distress will eat more of fatty and sugary foods and less of healthy foods. This will directly contribute to stress inducted weight gain.

2. Stressed Entrepreneurs Snack Often
Being stressed can make an entrepreneur to snack often. This will have a negative effect on a person’s weight. A stressed person will want to snack in response to the daily challenges because of high cortisol levels.

3. Long-Term Stress Increases Appetite
Stress can reduce appetite in the short run. However, most entrepreneurs have persisting stress caused by a myriad of factors. This kind of stress ramps up the motivation to eat because of the release of cortisol hormone.

4. Stress from Entrepreneurship Encourages Unhealthy Habits
Most entrepreneurs abuse alcohol in the quest to reduce their stress. Stressed individuals rarely exercise. Some business people suffering from depression resort to smoking. Most people, who are affected by stress, suffer from loss of sleep. All these factors contribute to weight gain.

5. Overweight Entrepreneurs Are More Likely To Gain Weight In The Event Of Stress
Overweight individuals have elevated insulin levels. This predisposes them to stress inducted weight gain. According to the different research studies that have been carried out, stress from work is correlated to weight gain.

6. Stress Leads To Hormonal Havoc That Causes Weight Gain

Stress caused by the pressures of entrepreneurship will cause hormones to run amok. Corsitol hormone will get elevated beyond the normal levels. Insulin will also increase. With the increase in ghrelin hormone, a person will experience abnormal levels of hunger. This hormone will also cause stress-induced food cravings. One will have a craving for sweets, starches, caffeine, and alcohol. This will cause weight gain and will make it difficult to lose the weight that has been gained.

7. Stress and smoking

Many people who face stress on daily basis turn to smoking cigarettes as they’ve heard smoking is a stress relief. Smoking is not a long-term solution for handling stress, and to be honest it has a hell of a secondary effects. It does not take long to get hooked on cigarettes and it is a long way back to non-smoking zone. If you are a smoker do yourself and your family a favor and quit smoking today.

The good news for entrepreneurs is that they can get the hormones back in balance. This will reduce hormone triggered overeating and make it possible to lose weight. You do not have to leave with the hormonal hell caused by stress. There are many viable solutions for this problem.

Extreme fortune, success, and fame have their downsides such as stress inducted weight gain. The success that entrepreneurship brings is not a buffer for health problems. The emotional challenges encountered on the road to success will eventually take a toll on someone’s health and will eventually affect an individual’s appetite and waistline. Solutions for stress inducted weight gain include social support, exercising, and meditation.